28 SEP 2010


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11 MEI 2009

't Is Picobello ('t Is Voltaire x Orlando) displays unique strengths. No nonsense, character,....



To Be

27 DEC 2008

Julie-Pascale may call herself "Queen" of Mechelen Jumping during the year. This last international competition is undoubtedly the jewel in her crown of a fantastic year. On her impressive Talent, Julie-Pascale managed again to keep all the strongest international horsewomen behind her in a full house at Nekkerhal. No less than 19 combinations participated in the jump-off and all of them fought for the highly prized gold. In the one but last combination Julie-Pascale rode an amazing faultless jump-off in a time which was no less than 1.2 seconds better. This title adds a wonderful achievement to her memorable record.

25 DEC 2008

There is always a large number of contestants for the traditional "MASTERS" competition at the yearly Christmas Jumping held at the Flandria Ranch. Julie-Pascale rode on Guillaume's Carthago mare Copy, because Guillaume was taking exams. Thirty two combinations competed for the prize money of 1,000 Euros for the winner and on top of that a luxury "Barnsby" saddle worth 2,900 Euros. "Copy", out of Picobello's stables, rode 4 faultless rounds. In a jump-off and also in the fifth round she had to compete with a very strong Bndicte Schatteman on Wapiti. Due to a jumping fault by Wapiti but a faultless jump-off for Copy, Julie-Pascale managed to win the final. The 8 year old Copy has already born a 't Is Voltaire stallion, a Diamant de Semilly and in 2009 we expect an embryo foal from Berlin. More to follow...

30 NOV 2008

After a long journey and a long period of quarantine, Wodiena took it all in her stride and knew how to continue her success story. Last weekend Wodiena achieved second place in a Grand Prix under the saddle of her new rider who represents the Dubai flag. Exactly one week later this exceptional horse confirmed the prestigious transaction by scoring an amazing victory. Wodiena won the Grand Prix of Dubai. More to follow ...


15 NOV 2008

On Saturday evening there was a full house present in Moorsele with a large number of French-Belgian participants. Talent set the pace by again demonstrating his indisputable jumping competence on a highly technical course. At the jump-off (1,45m), 10 contestants lined up at the start, of which Julie-Pascale rode 2 seconds faster than the former French Champion Jacques Bonnet. Naturally the gold stayed in West Flanders (Belgium).


9 NOV 2008

Both Guillaume and Julie-Pascale can reflect on their fantastic start of the winter season last weekend. On Saturday evening Julie-Pascale won the 1.40m jump-off with her trustworthy Talent. A Brazilian combination came second and Guillaume made third place on Copy Picobello. On Sunday afternoon the "Grand Prix" took place and both Talent and Copy made it to the jump-off. Ten combinations participated in this highly prized competition. Jody Bosteels won gold and Guillaume on Copy was good enough for bronze in a strong 1.45m jump-off, Julie-Pascale on Talent achieved seventh place.


31 OKT 2008

A 50% share in Marvella has recently been sold to Mexico. As a 6 year old, she had already been a winner in Lummen (Belgium) and in the World Championship she finished an honourable seventh place. The 8 year old mare also put her name to the 1.40m on the world's most prestigious track of Alfonso Romo. Furthermore, she was also classified in the 1.45 m category.
Marvella is being moved to Palm Beach in Florida, where among others she will participate in the Nations Cup competitions and in the 1.50m category.
More to follow...

        I am Picobello
        Marvella op domein Alfonso Romo

05 SEP 2008

The 9 year old mare Wodiena who was bread through Major x Alme at the 'Sommes' stables has now been sold to Dubai. Last year Julie-Pascale won the Belgian Young Riders Championship and also achieved first place in the finals of the European Championship on this top class horse. Wodiena was sold by Picobellohorses to a sheikh who made a gift of the mare to a rider on the condition that the mare remained the property of the "State of Dubai".


23 AUG 2008

On the final day of the competition at "Het Zilveren Spoor" (in Moorsele – Belgium) Talent again showed his exceptional jumping power and his indisputable consistency. Out of six starts he won 4 first places, a second and a third place. The highly competitive peloton went all out in this highly prized Challenge Competition.

The spectators were able to enjoy top class sport on the highly technical courses. Christophe Vanhooren achieved a well deserved second place and Julie-Pascale, this time on Marvella, again got third place on the podium.





08 JUL 2008

Antwerp Harbour was the ideal setting and "the place to be" for a highly respected jumping event. The organisers didn't leave anything to: perfectly organised infrastructure, jetset environment, and above all top sport. Guillaume rode successfully on Sao Paulo and Vainquer in the  International Young Riders Competition and came 2nd, 3rd and 6th in the Grand Prix Ranking.
Julie-Pascale rode on Wynona and Marvella in the Golden League and was classified on identical places, as her brother Guillaume was, in the Grand Prix. 


Video Wynona CSI Antwerpen

08 JUL 2008
In the sections "Stud Farm" and "Competition" you can find several new videos of both our young horses and our competition horses. Have a quick look at them!

14 jun 2008

Last weekend a very ambitious and strong group of contestants participated in the third Challenge. The long and technically difficult course gave an excellent opportunity for Talent to achieve his third victory. With his exceptional jumping ability he was able to beat all the other contestants in the jump-off. At present Julie-Pascale has three Challenges to her name and with these wins on Talent she heads the score so far in the intermediate rankings. In the meantime due to Marvella's consistency Julie-Pascale has also been awarded second place in the score so far in the intermediate rankings. Congratulations!

04 mei 2008

Julie-Pascale can look back with satisfaction on her performance with her two new jumpers after the jumping competition in Lummen (Belgium). In the 6 year old category, she rode on Time for Picobello, an off-spring from 't Is Voltaire. He jumped two faultless rounds at ease, demonstrating his classic commercial qualities. On the impressive grass course Julie-Pascale rode every time faultless rounds on the highly rated 'Heartbreaker&quot' and 'Wynona&quot'. Of the 120 contestants she gained 3rd and 6th place.  More to follow …


Video 1 Wynona Lummen 2008

Video 2 Wynona Lummen 2008

Video 3 Wynona Lummen 2008

04 mei 2008
Guillaume and Vainquer: a successful combination ready to go again.

The International Young Riders competition, with no less than 14 participating countries, also took place during the CSI 5-star competition held in Lummen (Belgium). Guillaume rode his trusted stallion 'Vainquer' again after it had recovered from a lingering hoof injury. Together with his super fast jumper Sao Paulo, they won 5 places of honour. Vainquer, ridden by Guillaume, who became Belgian Champion in the juniors' category earlier, showed his class and consistency. Together, Frederic Vernaet, Karline De Brabandere and Chloé Ockerman, defended Belgium in the Cross Country Competition achieving fourth place. On the last and final day of the competition Guillaume only made one single time fault. Only four combinations out of 67 contestants made it to the jump-off. Vainquer has made his mark and is back in the running again.

26 apr 2008

Julie-Pascale riding Marvella and Talent certainly didn't go unnoticed at the start of the second Challenge. Again both rode a faultless round on the basic course and the jump-off was certainly the climax of the competition. The strong team of contestants did its utmost to win the coveted prizes.  Marvella established a fantastic time with only one jumping fault during the jump-off and she made sixth place. Talent,  Julie-Pascale's trusted stallion showed his consistency as well as his experience in winning the Challenge for the second time in a row. More to follow …


Marvella (archieffoto)

Talent (archieffoto)

06 apr 2007

There was a large number of prominent contestants present at the International Competition held in Moorsele in Belgium. No less than 420 combinations in different categories competed for the honours in the first official open air competition this season. 
Guillaume made himself noticed with perfect consistency on both Wodiena and Sao Paulo.
Sao Paulo won the "Kleine Grote Prijs" on Sunday and even managed fifth place twice in the additional competitions.
Wodiena finished fifth in the 1.40m competition and achieved a fourth place in the highly technical Grand Prix(1.45m).


Sau Paulo


05 apr 2007

Julie-Pascal won her first challenge on her trusty steed Talent in Pottes (in France), where she became the Belgian Champion with the Young Riders last year.
Approximately 42 combinations, of which only six made it to the jump-off, were present at the start.
The course was very long and extremely technical and to a very high standard.
Julie-Pascale rode a clear round both on Marvella and Talent.
Marvella rode super fast and won the jump-off, she finished 3 seconds faster than the second fastest time for those with only one single jumping fault and was placed fifth. Again Talent demonstrated his quality and competence.

More to follow ...




21 JAN 2007


The 19 year old Finnish horsewoman Sonja Leena Hungerbuhler came 5th in the Grand Prix in Barcelona on Unforgettable Picobello; also Jorg Kreutzmann came 8th  in the 150m CSI in Frankfurt on Sauternes Ter Vlucht, who had previously been sold - via Ludo Philippaerts. These results from last December confirm the successful year 2007. The year 2008 has also known a successful start thanks to Julie-Pascal, who won 1st and 2nd place in the 'Nocturne' on Saturday evening, on her own bred horses Talent and Picobello Marvella.


21 DEC 2007


29 jul 2007

Last week both the Juniors (16-18 years) and the Young Riders (18-21years) competed for the European Gold Medal in Auvers in France.  All nationalities sent their 5 best riders to defend the individual prize as well as the country prize. The Polish participants and the new Russian participants performed surprisingly well on their pedigree jumping horses. On the first qualification day Julie-Pascale confirmed her Champion's Title and achieved a well earned fourth place. During the next couple of days the technically very difficult courses (1.50-1.55 m) caused a large number of changes in the intermediate rankings for all riders, with clock-like regularity. Julie-Pascale successfully got Wodiena back into the final, where she started as number 14 in reverse order amongst the best 30. Julie-Pascale, at the tender age of 21, has already proved her mettle by her record of qualifying 7 times for the finals of the European Championships out of 7 entrances. Congratulations!
Marvella, a youthful 7 year old, scored seventh place in the  1.45 m competition on the final day of the Championship. 

Picobello Wodiena

Picobello Wodiena

Picobello Wodiena

Picobello Wodiena

Picobello Wodiena

Picobello Marvella

Picobello Marvella


15 jul 2007

On the third and final day and in tropical weather conditions, 19 combinations of the original 70, who appeared at the start, were held back for a double final competition. The wheat was quickly separated from the chaff by Eugène Mathy who set up some technically very difficult tracks. Julie-Pascale only made one single jumping fault in the four heats and won the Belgian Champion's Title by a large margin of 9 points. Congratulations !


07 jul 2007

Last Saturday evening the town of Hooglede in Belgium was transformed back to the flower power era. No less than 230 invited guests were present to celebrate Julie-Pascale's 21st birthday till the small hours. The atmospheric pictures below undoubtedly give a good impression of the splendidly attired guests, who were clearly enjoying themselves at the party. 


Click here for all the pictures

Thanks to Katja Rolvink & Melody Delaere for the pictures

03 jun 2007

For the first time two off-springs from 't Is Voltaire and a two year old Aertbreaker stallion will leave for Russia this week.
A brand new complex intends to use these Picobellohorses products as the foundation for their planned stud farm.
As far as passion and enthusiasm are concerned, the best is only good enough for them.

We wish them every success.


13 mei 2007

For the very first time, the national coach selected three Young Riders and one senior Rider to defend the Belgian colours.
Pieter Devos (Tequila), Julie-Pascale Ruant (Picobello Wodiena), Jan Vlemmix (Unforgettable Picobello) and Ignace Philips (Guldenboom Winona) competed in  the Country Prize Competition (1m50).
16 countries were represented at the start of which the 8 best ones had to ride a second round. The Belgian "Jonge Beloften" acheived a well-deserved shared fourth place which earned them an honorary mention.
On Sunday the Grand-Prix took place. It was a technically difficult track (1m50 - 1m55). A hard luck fault prevented Julie-Pascale on the youngest jumping horse of the competition, Wodiena, from participating in the jump-off. Her team mate, Pieter Devos, won magnificently and earned the Grand Prix Award on his jumping horse Tequila, which was in excellent condition.

06 mei 2007

This competition is synonymous with prestige, organisation, interest and international top riders and to crown it all the weather was fantastic. Both the organiser Alex Geurts and all the invited guests had a really splendid time. Julie-Pascale and Guillaume provided stiff competition in the highest ranked 1* star categories. Both managed to achieve second place and narrowly missed first. In the 7 year olds category they again showed their consistency and both Guillaume, this time on Copy as well as Julie-Pascale on Marvella achieved faultless rounds during the three days competition. Amongst the contestants, there were international talents such as Rodriqo Pessoa, Sofia Kroon, Ludo Philippaerts, Dirk Demeerseman, Peter Wylde, Jos Lansink,... All the young 7 years olds had to jump a technically demanding 130/135 track.

Marvella (Archieffoto)

Copy (Archieffoto)


30 apr 2007

The "Gouden Laars" competition enjoyed a record success last weekend. No less than 1.100 combinations participated and were all very eager on winning a medal of honour. On three different tracks at the prestigious domain in Lummen (Belgium), the pony riders as well as the young riders participated at the highest level. Wodiena confirmed again her excellent condition and won the 140 category convincingly coming in front of Thomas De Wit. More to follow...


21 apr 2007

A few weeks ago Aertbreaker (currently: Eurocommerce Edinborough) gave a sporty answer to all the professionals. The hardly 7 year old stallion ridden by Wim Schrder again demonstrated his power in the 1.45/1.50 m category. At the International Competition held in Neustadt, Germany, where the course was highly technical, the people that count showed their interest in our company and stud farm where Aertbreaker originates from. Make the most of it while the interesting servicing conditions are still available, certainly an investment to be viewed in the short term. More to follow...

15 apr 2007

During a 3 week period the world's top competitors, who are preparing for the coming outdoor season, almost certainly paid a visit to Lummen, Belgium, to view the terrain. The highly rated participants that jumped 4 different courses for all levels of 5 and 6 year old horses in the Grand Prix Competition, performed at their best. Julie-Pascale and Guillaume were again amongst the most consistent riders in the various classifications. The 7 year olds Marvella and Copy were both among the best in a number of classifications and Marvella even achieved a brilliant second place. To crown it all Julie-Pascale on Wodiena finished 6 seconds ahead of the entrant from New Zealand in the 1m35 category on the final day.

02 apr 2007


The first official outdoor competition, which took place last weekend attracted a high number of contestants, among them some prominent riders, for the highly coveted contests. About 50 combinations were selected for the GRAND PRIX, that had been organised by Marc Vygh. The highly technical and extremely difficult track (1.45/1.50 m) defeated a large number of international contestants. Wodiena demonstrated her jumping talent and power and took a highly deserved fifth place with the fastest time and only one unlucky fault. With this performance the mare, not yet 8 years old, together with her rider Julie-Pascale, earned their first points in the World Cup Ranking, as the prize money was above 20,000 Euro. More to follow...

31 mar 2007


Guillaume and Julie-Pascale were the outstanding riders at the first International outdoor contest of this season. Their consistency was rewarded in every contest with their names given places of honour in the Young Horses competition as well as in the 130 and 140 events. On the opening day Julie-Pascale had already won on Marvella in the 7 year old category. Guillaume made himself noticed on Only and achieved a new honourable title on his new 7 year old talent Copy (Carthago x Abgar). Sao Paulo(Libero x Pilot) achieved a 3rd, 4th and 6th place in the 130/135 contests.

Picobello Sao Paulo

Picobello Sao Paulo

Picobello Sao Paulo

Picobello Only

Picobello Marvella

Picobello Copy
25th march 2007


Last weekend the FINAL of the GRAND WINTER CUP was held in "Het Zilveren Spoor" (in Belgium). No doubt all the riders came along to the start with their best horse, in order to qualify for the substantial prize money and the final trophy. Last year Julie-Pascale had already won the final on Talent and in doing so, she managed to secure a ticket for the Brussels Jumping competition. This year she has won the final on Wodiena, her recently new jumping wonder. A dozen contestants showed their ingenious skilfulness in the jump-off; but Wodiena, the wonder mare, came first and left all the others far behind. With her skilfulness and her unlimited vigour she finished two seconds faster on the clock. 

11th March 2007

This season, two long jump competitions have already been organised in the Province of West Flanders. The stallions 't Is Voltaire and Aertbreaker ensured a champion in their category. An off spring from 't Is Voltaire won in the three year old category in the Flandria Ranch. A couple of months ago, his elder and more vigorous brother had already been sold to Canada. (breeder: Inge Devrieze) In the Stud Farm "De Hunters" in Poperinge (Belgium), an off spring from one of the first foals from Aertbreaker unanimously became the champion in the two year old category (see photograph). Breeder: Jozef Feys. Meanwhile the two stallions have already started a new breeding season and are available at Picobellohorses.

10th March 2007

The contestants competed fiercely for all the medals of honour at the International Jumping held in Hasselt (Belgium). Julie-Pascale and Guillaume achieved some remarkable places on the supplementary list of rankings. Sao Paulo certainly was the eye catcher and achieved a supersonic time in amongst a group of 65 contestants and won the 130/35 metres competition.

15- feb-2007


Wodiena, who has recently been purchased, has confirmed her reputation in her performances. For the first time ridden by Julie-Pascale in a qualification race at the Winter Cup, the top class mare demonstrated her quality and unlimited power. She did this all over again at the final evening in the ‘Zilveren Spoor’ amongst a group of 60 participants. There she placed herself as THE winner! This fantastic new combination is evidently destined for a fine future. More to follow

08- feb-2007


Wodiena II v/d Somme, currently eight years old, (Major de la Cour X Almé), has been bought as an additional Grand Prix horse.  Wodiena II is named after her mother Wodiena I and is also known as the legendary breeding mare, whose ancestry goes back to Almé.  Wodiena I herself has already bred three international horses, among them the winning Playboy v/d Somme, (purchased by Catwalk Stables) and Quidam v/d Somme and Regina v/d Somme (the latter two have been sold to Italy). Quidam has already been Belgian Champion with the 'Young Riders', ridden by  Vincent Lambrecht.  Wodiena II has received an excellent training and has earned herself many places of honour in the Classic Cycle, in Lummen, … under the supervision of Kristof Degrendel, to whom we give our thanks (see photographs). More to follow …


Click on the picture for enlargement


In one of the world's most prestigious 5 star jumping competitions in Paris, Peter Wylde again achieved a second place on 'Meatry's Pleasure' which had been sold recently by Picobello Horses. At the same time, in the Cup Cmpetition held in Moorsele (Belgium), Guillaume on 'Sao Paolo', his rising star, [see archive picture] also managed to steal a second place. There were approximately 60 combinations at the start of the extremely technical course. Fourteen appeared at the jump-off, of which, Sao Paolo, Marvella and 't Is Voltaire (making his first appearance after an injury) were the 3 participating horses, belonging to Picobello Horses.



The 6 year olds from Picobello Horses all got a well deserved rest period after the World Championship for young horses and a successful summer. At the end of this month they'll begin training in preparation for a new and hopefully successful season in the 7 year olds category.
More to follow





There was a fierce battle in all classes for the medal of honour at the International Jumping Competition held in Liège (Belgium), where a 4 star title was awarded. A field of experienced international entrants showed first-class competition in all categories. For 3 days Guillame has been riding there very efficiently and regularly. Vainquer was amongst the winners at the prize-giving ceremony. Sao Paolo came second and earned a place in the additional classification. In this respect she proves that she is now ready for the real job.
More to follow


For the third time Nelson Pessoa organised one of the most prestigious competitions in Tour&TaxiS in Brussels, the capital of Europe. In the Bronze League Julie-Pascale wan the first round on the 6 year old Marvella. Guillaume was able to twice achieve third place on "ONLY", his little jumping marvel and the favourite of the audience. On the final day the two stable riders were very keen on winning the Grand Prix. Top sport showing class, style and quality. The final was won handsomely by Guillaume on Only Picobello. His sister, despite a tremendous effort, stalled at 90/100.


Every year the World Championships for 5, 6 and 7 year olds take place in Zangersheide. In the category of the 6 year olds (220 participants), both Guillaume on "ONLY", bred by Picobello and Julie-Pascale on "MARVELLA" made their appearance at the start. The results and their consistency during the last season were confirmed here. On the first day, Only made one (jumping) fault, the next couple of days she rode clear rounds. Her class and fortitude delighted everybody. Marvella didn't pass unnoticed because during these three days she didn't make one single jumping fault. Due to one time point in the final, she was held back at the jump-off and Julie-Pascale finished at a respectful 7th place. She was the "first Belgian" in this competition. CONGRATULATIONS anyway!



On the prestigious course at Zangersheide, "Only Picobello" and "Marvella" were selected thanks to their strong results. Both Guillaume on Only and Julie-Pascale on Marvella received an endorsement there to be able to prove themselves again at the World Championship amongst all the internationally well-known riders. The home-bred Only is a daughter of Pleasure, now ridden by Peter Wylde and is a previous 3 times winner of the World Championships, at that time ridden by Erik Van der Vleuten.



Our dedicated groom, Erlinde, must sadly give up her job due to health problems. We are therefore looking for an experienced person (male / female) to fill this vacancy immediately. We offer a pleasant working environment and new professional facilities to work in. The working hours are from 8.00 am till 12.00 am and from 2.00 pm till 6.00 pm. You'll have direct contact with Julie-Pascale and Guillaume - the in-house riders - which provides a family atmosphere motivated by the commitment to achieve high profession standards and winning results. Philippe Vandelanoitte is responsible for the training of the horses and the support of the groom and riders. For the successful candidate a contract of employment will be negotiated and accommodation is available in a new studio, if required. We are looking for a committed, independent, dedicated and self motivated groom. We on our part promise an interesting job topped with an attractive salary. If you feel you have the personal qualifications and experience to fill this vacancy or you know somebody who might be interested (referral fee on offer), please call us urgently on 0032 475/48 99 99 (Luc)


There was a strong turn-out and a large number of entrants on the first day of the Final of the Belgian Cup held in Pottes. 72 combinations were present at the start of the two day competition with the best combinations going through to the finals on Sunday. The level was high and the good ground conditions worked to the advantage of 24 strong show jumpers. The excellent jumping horse Vainquer, who has performed really well recently, achieved an impressive victory.
To be continued


Last weekend, for the very first time, a 4 day two star International (jumping) Competition was held in Bonheiden. A large number of famous riders and even some Americans had put their name down for this competition. In spite of a couple of heavy downpours, the participants competed strongly for the medal of honour. Guillaume again did justice to his Belgian title. In an incredible jump-off (1.40m- 1.45m) on Vainquer, Guillaume achieved a very fast time but unfortunately he had to give up his title due to a fault at the last jump.
In the category of the 6 & 7 year olds he won twice on his wonder horse ONLY. The outstanding class and fortitude of both horse and rider were amply rewarded by winning the Final on Sunday (see video).


Last weekend around 120 partygoers gathered at the Picobellohorses establishment. The champions of 2006 in the following categories were: Pupils (Gilles Detry), Junior Riders (Guillaume Ruant) and Young Riders (Pieter Devos). They were flown in by the helicopter belonging to Chris Callewaert. Guillaume, who has achieved a second Belgian Champion's Title and won the Belgian Cup once, was kept on the dance floor till the wee early hours. Together with his father, who celebrated his birthday, they were treated like kings.
The pictures below certainly give a good impression of the party spirit amongst the many guests.


Last weekend the 2006 Belgian Championship for Juniors and Young Riders was held in Bruges. During the 3 day event, around 70 Junior Riders and about 40 Young Riders competed for the Champion' s Title. The demanding technical tracks and the high fences quickly separated the wheat from the chaff. Tropical temperatures were extremely exhausting for both horses and riders alike. Julie-Pascale, with the Young Riders, achieved excellent results on her new horse "Pronkjuweel" and she actually succeeded in getting fourth place, although she just missed the presentation ceremony. Meanwhile, Talent who has just come back from participating in the European Championship held in Athens, where he was the finalist, is enjoying a couple of weekends of rest.

Guillaume and breeder Peter Robin

Julie-Pascale & Pronkjuweel




Guillaume has been selected for the Juniors and Julie-Pascale for the Young Riders together with the four best Belgian riders per category to participate in the European Championships in the prestigious city of Athens. The course where the former Olympic Games took place is without a doubt "the place to be" between July 6 9 for future international talent. The new national coach who was in charge of the Belgian team for many years has selected Wouter Devos, Kevin Spiessens, Delphine Falciani, Sandra Buytaert and Guillaume Ruant for the Junior team. For the Young Riders Jonathan Dourcy, Cathérine Halleux, Jan Vlemmix, Pieter Devos and Julie-Pascale Ruant have been selected.
We wish the representatives of the Belgian flag good luck and know that they will try their best in tropical Athens.


Wouter Devos

Kevin Spiessens

Delphine Falciani

Sandra Buytaert

Guillaume Ruant

klik hier voor video


Cathérine Halleux

Jonathan Dourcy

Jan Vlemmix

Pieter Devos

Julie-Pascale Ruant

klik hier voor video

  An off-spring from 't Is Voltaire again surprised everybody in the cycle for young horses four year olds (the eldest off-springs) held in Moerzeke.
As mentioned previously, the jumping technique of all his off-springs together with quality and precision excel. The photographs below show the show jumping horse as a 2 and 3 year old and also as the winner of the free style jumping competition in the region.

An approved offspring T'IS VOLTAIRE sold to ALBERT ZOER
  One of the certified off-springs from 't Is Voltaire has already been purchased by the internationally renowned 'Albert Zoer' jumping stables and stud farm. The stallion, which is currently named 'Turbo Borra' after a West Flemish breeder from Koekelare, has been put in service by its new owners.
It is the intention of the Albert Zoer's stables that this off-spring from 't Is Voltaire will pursue an international career from next year onwards. To be continued


Double victory at the Country Cup for Young Riders
  All the strongest teams were in action at the CHIO competition held in Utrecht last weekend in preparation for the European Championship which is to be held in July in Athens.
The Belgians had an enjoyable time. After their victory in Le Touquet, the Young Riders Team again achieved a victory with a lead of no less than 12 points. Congratulations!

The participating team: from left to right: Jonathan Dourey, Gudrun Patteet, Julie-Pascale Ruant, Jan Vlemmix.

The new team leader, Jean Paul Musette, beamed with joy at the occasion of his successful comeback. He replaces Bea Vanpaeschen, as she wants to spend more time supporting her own children.

Chris Van Dam (the organiser) together with Julie-Pascale Ruant at the prize-giving ceremony (Talent)





Chris Van Dam (organisator) met Julie-Pascal in prijsuitreiking.(Talent)

Le Touquet Dream Resort for the Belgian team.

Last weekend a lot of young and talented Belgian riders enjoyed a nice stay at the fashionable seaside resort of Le Touquet in France. The Nations Cup for Ponies, Young Riders as well as for Juniors were held on the third and last day. Strong participating countries such as the Netherlands, Great Britain and France had to give in to the Belgian Junior Team (see picture from left to right Guillaume Ruant, Eveline Quintelier, Thomas van Minnebruggen and Ellen Celis) and also to the Belgian Young Riders Team (see picture from left to right Christophe Deraedt, Julie Pascale Ruant, Pieter Devos and Karline Debrabander).
The technical track - 1.35 / 1.40m - for Juniors was ridden on a large soggy wood shaving covered field in two heats. Nothing could spoil the fun and a first Belgian double victory was secured.

Belgisch Junioren Team

Guillaume Ruant

Thomas Van Minnebruggen

Ellen Celis

Eveline Quintelier

Belgisch Young Riders Team

Julie-Pascale Ruant

Pieter Devos
Marvella, Sao Paulo and Talent trendsetters for the Picobello Team.

Julie Pascale (on Talent) and Guillaume (on Vainquer) could establish themselves, together with their team members, in the victory of the Country Cup but they also proved that they both had at their disposal a new and really worthy, skilled and fully fledge horse. For the first time Guillaume rode a new brood-mare (Sao Paulo) with an international record (Libero x Pilot) on an international level and he achieved third and seventh place. Julie Pascale drew the attention in all tracks with the still very young six year old Marvella, she achieved a second, fourth and fifth place in the 1.35m category for Young Riders. The mascot 'Talent' again showed his class and consistency and came third on the first day and fourth in the Grand Prix of Le Touquet 2006.




Picobello's Mascotte Talent



Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo
Picobello's start of the season at the Challenge in Pottes.

A new initiative concerning an organised CHALLENGE which should raise the original categories to a higher level, attracted some fifty sponsors and a great number of participants. 61 combinations were present at the start of a technical track and 15 of them made it to the jump-off. There was fierce competition in this highly prized category. Guillaume on Vainquer finished with a spectacular jump-off and an identical time and shared place of honour (see picture). Julie Pascale, on the 6 year old MARVELLA, impressed everybody in the Challenge. In Lummen, she was the best combination. Here they both showed themselves mature enough to follow in Talent's footsteps. To be continued
Guillaume on ONLY in the category for the young 6 year olds showed the quality and class of Picobello's self bred products.




Picobello's Aertbreaker sold to Eurocommerce Schroder stable

The move of the young 'Aertbreaker' could probably have been foreseen because of the high interest of many prominent stables and top-class riders from inside and outside the country. They guarantee him a spectacular future.
In this way the BWP bred Aertbreaker (Heartbreaker x Ramiro) really honours our stud stables. Not only his dream pedigree but most of all his flexible competence linked to his unlimited power tickle the imagination. The young very promising off springs of 'Aertbreaker' look very much like him.
No doubt we will have the opportunity to watch 'Aertbreaker' and his international rider Schroder on television.
Picobello Horses was able to maintain further the promised contractual service fee (650 Euro) for fresh sperm for all breeders for 2006.
We wish Eurocommerce and 'Aertbreaker' every success!

The professional attraction of Lummen seems to be Julie Pascale's favourite competition.

After she achieved 9 out of 9 clear rounds on Talent, Marvella and Aertbreaker two weeks ago, she again today achieved the same result on Talent and Marvella. On Marvella she finished well up front with the 6 year olds and on Talent she achieved a fourth place amongst the strong senior participants in the 1.40 / 1.45m height competition at the top level.
Aertbreaker didn't participate because he had been sold to Eurocommerce during the last competition. To be continued

Succesful start of the season for Guillaume at the International held in Moorsele.

Last week Guillaume was for the first time riding on his youngest stallion 'Vainquer' and he was able to be classified in the supplementary ranking in the prestigious international competition held in Lummen and this weekend he is ready to start the open air season and he will enter his name for the first Grand Tour for Juniors.

Lummen International . Two places of honour for the 6 year olds.

Last weekend Lummen was again the attraction for many professionals who didn't want to miss the start of the season on grass with their highly qualified jumpers. An extraordinary final ranking with a first and third place over the three days for the 6 year olds of the Picobello stables. Lisa Murphy from Great Britain was second. About 70 international combinations from 12 different countries participated in these competitions with their best jumpers. Julie Pascale achieved on Marvella and Aertbreaker a first and third place of honour. Aertbreaker convinced everyone of his special class and power.
To be continued

03-apr-2006 BWP presentation of stallions: Aertbreaker really impresses.

BWP Waasland presented a very strong organisation and selected a lot of participants in Moorsele. Aertbreaker was present with the 6 year olds where he showed his impeccable value again. His strong step and power linked to his natural and consistent, precise jumps characterize him as a real competition stallion. The jumps for the 6 year olds were raised to 1.45 / 1.50m in the small ring and so Aertbreaker could emphasize his flexibility and power once more without a single jumping error.

12-mar-2006 'Wild Card' for Brussels Jumping and Julie Pascale as the final winner.

At the last and strongly fought final of the Grand Cup held in Moorsele, Julie Pascale achieved a respectable fifth place. Her consistency during the whole of the winter season where she didn't make any jumping faults resulted in a final victory and a 'Wild Card' for the Brussels Jumping donated by Nelson Pessoa to the value of 10.000 Euro.
'In-house' bred Talent brings honours to Picobello's stud stables.


25-feb-2006 Talent is the most consistent horse at the Winter Cup.

Last weekend strong participants put up a strong showing in the jump-off. The super jumper Talent gave his all and again finished at a respectable second place. The very fast time set by Philippe Vandoorne could not be matched. Dominique Hendrickx and Vincent Voorn wanted to win gold and silver but remained unplaced.

05-feb-2006 Candy Lupe made a strong impression in the 'Zilveren Spoor'.

Guillaume on the proficient Candy was able to stay in front of two international combinations in the strongly participated 1.30 competition. The Frenchman Marine Gallet was a second slower and the Dutch woman Marlies Soest was four seconds slower.

01-jan-2006 Best wishes for 2006.

26-dec-2005 Picobello's Vote was sold to Richard Davenport.

Again an 'in-house' bred product that was sold to the British World Cup Rider at the age of 5. Vote's mother (see picture) had been sold earlier to Ireland and is under the saddle of Richard Melonie.
Vote (Voltaire x Maja de la Cour) was an embryo from Picobello's Spiritual (Major x Landgraf). At the beginning of this year Picobello's Winner, also a product of Spiritual, was sold to a Canadian investment group. The off-springs are assured because Winner had three embryos from 't Is Voltaire and Vote had two from Aertbreaker.

Spiritual picobello (Vote's Mother) & rider Richard Melonie

Vote at three and a half years

04-dec-2005 Grand Prix at the Moorsele Grand Cup is another success story.

Last weekend the Grand Cup attracted a full house of spectators and a lot of national competitors on the participants' list. We were able to enjoy watching Maurice Van Roosbroeck on Le Coup C together with De Roock Gilbert, Lambrecht Vincent, Perry Geryl, Koen Vereecke, Helsen Rudy,
After stopping for a while to concentrate on her studies Julie Pascale made a fresh start and, as everybody was wary of her competitiveness, she was able to quickly make her mark among the top level riders.
'Talent' who had already won the Small Cup two weeks ago, achieved again a double clear round as a top class mount and came a strong second (see video and list of results).


27-nov-2005 Julie Pascale wins the second section of the Winter Cup, Guillaume came first.

In Moorsele on Saturday there was a great deal of interest for the 3rd Winter Cup. 36 riders were selected. After a rest period due to injury Julie Pascale and her trustworthy jumper Picobello's Talent were able to give a jumping demonstration in the ring. His strong power and alertness in the jump were phenomenal on the basic track as well as in the jump-off.
On her new horse 'Chudak' she was able to achieve eighth place.
Click on the yellow button for the list of results.

20-nov-2005 Allaerd continues his success story on French soil.

The recently sold and last pony from Guillaume, 'Allaerd', made a strong impression on French soil. Out of four times that he was entered at the highest level, he was the winner three times. It appears that a large foreign interest and transaction is imminent

. To be continued

12-nov-2005 Guillaume wins the Winter Cup in Moorsele.

As the youngest rider, Guillaume won the second Winter Cup in which a strong international presence was prominent and was able to hold back all the Arabian riders. Vainquer, a 7 year old jumper won effortlessly the 1,35 highly technical basic track. In the 1,40 jump off Vainquer demonstrated that he had the power and achieved the shortest time.
For track and jump off click on the video button below.


27-sep-2005 Aertbreaker effortly competes through the last day at the World Championship
This extraordinary stallion gave a demonstration. Over the last couple of days his reputation was established as a valuable new asset to the Belgian stud farms. His pedigree (Heartbreaker x Ramiro), his suppleness and power guarantee a successful future.
26-sep-2005 Aertbreaker makes a positive impression in the second qualification.

Stylish rider Willem Greve had a competent ride at the high level technical track. Shortly the video will be available on line. To be continued

25-sep-2005 An approved stallion has been put on 't Is Voltaire's record.
At the large and comprehensive stallion certification during the World Championships a number of stallions were approved. Direct from his first year an off-spring from 't Is Voltaire has been given certification and was added to his record. Paul Schokemöhler, the owner, was also previously number 1 in the world. He was certified under the name of 'Turbo Borra' and was also bred there. His exceptional jumping technique together with his power contribute to his exclusive physic and he was unanimously certified.
19-sep-2005 Kantjes Allaert sold to French Champion.

Last but not least Guillaume's last pony was sold to our southern neighbours. He was sold to a first class address in Normandy after a strong finish at the previous season as winner of the Belgian Cup and after winning his last competition in 'Fieracavalli' in Verona (Italy). Meanwhile Kantjes Allaert was selected for the French Team and he will participate at the highest level under the saddle of the current French champion.

21-sep-2005 A foal from 't Is Voltaire has again been selected at the 2005 Zangersheide Auction.

Toberlina (off-spring from 't Is Voltaire) has been put up for auction at the busy auction held for top class foals and 3 year olds. After the classification of the World Championships on 24/9 at 6 pm, this prestigious auction will commence. For more information or to bid by telephone contact 089 / 73 00 30.

06-sep-2005 't Is Voltaire is the 2005 Champion for West Flanders.

Last weekend about 70 combinations lined up for the start at the highest level to compete for the Championship. After the first day Picobello rider, Brecht, came a respectable 19th out of the 20 that made it to the finals.
On the final day and on a muddy and heavy track the stallion demonstrated his excellent staying power and tenacity. Brecht was able to improve on his previous time by 4 seconds. The consistency of the pair during the last season was awarded with the 2005 Championship Title.

vlnr Tom Verduyn, Brecht Bille, Glenn Blondé

19-aug-2005 The off-springs from 't Is Voltaire much sought after abroad.

Recently the ninth product from the eldest off springs (3 year olds) from 't Is Voltaire has been sold to the renowned stables of Charles in England. Some promising spring aces have been sold to France as well as to Sweden (Sörensen) and last but not least Paul Schockemöler put up an off-spring at the Stallion Auction held in Oldenburg.

11-aug-2005 't Is Voltaire leads the Consistency Criteria.

't Is Voltaire qualified three times at the three day national jumping held in Langemark. He came second, third and on the final day again second and this earned him the most consistent horse in the competition. In that same competition the Belgian Championship for female riders was held too. Gudrun Patteet was the best 2005 horsewoman.

28-jul-2005 Foals from 2005 in Picobello's stables.
't Is Voltaire
18-jul-2005 2005 Belgian Cup: Guillaume proves very impressive in the final.

Guillaume achieved a third and fifth place with his two horses at the extremely well organised 3 day 'Brugge Jumping Event. About 70 combinations appeared at the start and on the last and final day the best 35 could compete with each other. Vainquer, the very young 7 year old stallion made a very good time in the last jump off and although he made one jumping error he still earned himself a place on the winning stage. 'Candy Lupe' came fifth.

Click on picture of Vainquer for video.

Click on picture of Candy Lupe for video.

07-jul-2005 First foals from Aertbreaker are on show.

10-jun-2005 Aertbreaker : top class.

Aertbreaker again achieved a clear round in the 280 cycles for 5 year olds held in Wisbecq. His phenomenal power and competitive enthusiasm always gives a good impression. During the course of next week many satisfied breeders will put their foals on show on this website. To be continued

30-may-2005 Aertbreaker is determined to make his way to the top.

Aertbreaker again left a really strong impression in his two clear rounds in the last 2 cycles in Gesves and Aalter. His flexible power and quality prove his top class.
No doubt Aertbreaker attracted the attention from a number of international riders.
To be continued

03-may-2005 Aertbreaker keeps on surprising in the Cycle.

Aertbreaker keeps on surprising in the Aalter Cycle. He achieved a brilliant second place in the category of the 5 year olds and he jumped with a frisky power. Aertbreaker keeps on surprising even in the stud farm. He breeds very special, elegant and large foals which all have a darkish to black colour. Their movements display a high degree of suppleness and vitality.

27-apr-2005 Picobello launches a new website for the hiring out of party materials.

Picobello, the market leader in Belgium for the hiring out of party materials, launches its new website that will offer the opportunity to order all products on line. A large number of major events, inside as well as outside of the equestrian world, are increasingly using the services offered by Picobello. Be sure and take a look at www.picobello.be.
Both sites www.picobellohorses.com and www.picobello.be have been generated by the team of www.galop.be.

21-apr-2005 Exclusive mini jack russels for sale
Beautifull mini-pups on earth. Peanuts herself is very little - 20 cm, as the father. The father has an exceptional grey color. Her below you can see the pups. Peanuts, the mini jack russel had about 4 weeks ago 6 beautifull mini pups.
21-maa-2005 T' is voltaire comes back after the usual winterstop

After the usual winterstop,T' is voltaire prepares himself for the season. He's been jumping again since two weeks. His qualities and carefulness are founded in all his clear rounds. On the second last cup in Moorsele he knew how to make a clear round and got by that the 2nd place in the 1,35 course with his rider Brecht.

19-feb-2005 Sultan of Turkey buys success mare Otrichta

The grey mare 'OTRICHTA'has been sold to the daughter of the sultan of Turkey. She is back a Picobello bred mare. Otrichta was sold at the auction in 198. She was the expensivest foal in Malines for a record sum by 25,000 Euro. The mother of Otrichta back as from the star preferent mare 'Vetrichta'. Otrichta was brought out success realm in the international sport by Julie-Pascale and afterwards by Guillaume. On the Belgium Cup she ended 4 the under the saddle of Guillaume. Otrichta meanwhile was rinsed by the stallion 'AERTBREAKER\', birth in 2005

Click Here for video

14-feb-2005 Aertbreaker gets back strong start

After the customary winter stopper, AERTBREAKER wanted to observe through its exceptional jumping qualities. The playfulness with which he classfull jumpsthe courses caresses everyone's aim for, to be continued


The 5-birthday Darco-mare from the star mare' Vetrichta', mother of 2 approved stallions and the topblood (Abgar-Lucky Boy-Amor), is sold to America to a' director or the Ford Company'. Its daughter will bring out the mare further in the showjumping. We wish her many success. Wonderfull is back an own fokprodukt

Click Here for video


The promissing Winner of own breed became recently sold to an investments group that the mare further will prepare for the topsport.

The mare has meanwhile a threesome embryos given below which already last year nl. the stallion " TRY PICOBELLO" (v: IT is felt air) finalist
became in Evergem. De breeding appears insured.



Between the world cup test, we got knew appeared in 's worldly largest horses event and dotaded disciplines the apaloosa testing. Before the auction the stable Picobello was able to buy the young stallion itself and to bring with to the stables back in Belgium. De stallions get a little brother.



In the most difficult international ponyshow in the Italian Verona (Fiera cavalli) Guillaume knew how to to get the Sm.Gr.Prix back on its name. Last year he did this with Skylight that meanwhile is sold to the Catwalk Stables. It became a crown on the work of Guillaume's pony time. This was most likely its last competition.


29-sep-2004 Picobello Talent and Picobello Corbusier to Barbizon

Picobello Talent: 3rd Big Tour and 3rd Grand Prix
Picobello Corbusier: 4th Small Tour

20-sep-2004 TREFFER BY PICOBELLO on European Championship MILITARY

In the Italian PRATONI Vincent Martens knew to qualify himself as best belgian on the European Championship Military with the through Picobellohorses bred Treffer. He rode the heavy cross clear round and got yet as only belgian an individual class lilac. Before this season the combination won already different other heavy competitions.

17-sep-2004 Guillaume set its successful pony time further at the horses!

Guillaume obtained in Arezzo with Otrichta and Corbusier 3 times a 2de place, with Allaert a 2nd place in the nations cup and with Skylight a 3rd and 4th place in the big pony derby.


Belgium Team second in Nations Cup Arezzo

Next to the fabulous 2nd place for the Belgium Team, Hanne Mertens won wi hthe wonderfull jumping pony Sylvie the Pony Derby.

Terry Vandingenen

Hanne Mertens

Pieternel Smeets

Guillaume Ruant

Almost dubble cup for Guillaume

On the family show Diksmuide, Guillaume almost won twice the Belgium Cup. He did win the Belgium Cup Ponys but unfortunately he hit in the 2nd jump off the fence with his foot. That made him go to a 4th place.


Guillaume closes ponytime with succes

After a nice and succesfull time competing international and european shows Guillaume won as closure the titel: "Belgium Cup 2004". This time with Picobello Allaerd. The show of Diksmuide has become a legend to our stables. Since 2000 till 2004 our stable has won all championships that have been ridden on that ground. twice Julie-Pascale and twice Guillaume.

Julie-Pascale met Ballybin
(winnares Beker van Belgie)in 2001

Julie-Pascale met Elmara
in 2002 winnares Beker van Belgie

2003 Guillaume met Extie
winnaar Kampioenschap van Belgie

2004 Guillaume met Allaerd
in de beker van belgie

new photos from our foals and stallions.

On our "stud farm" pages, you will find new photos from our foals and stallions.

Voltaire, the father of 't Is Voltaire is no more...

This morning 13.08.04, the favorite stallion from the Watermolen studfarm, Voltaire, has died. He was 25 years old. More than any other stallion, Voltaire has contributed to the great developement of the KWPN studbook and to other studbooks as well thanks to his quality. He was one of the most influential studs in the national and international breeding. He himself had jumped internationally at the highest levels. His piogeniture is very successful in show jumping. A true "Chef de Race" is no more, but where would we be without him...

09-aug-2004 't Is Voltaire proves competitive and his off-springs confirm this in Evergem.

Archive picture.
't Is Voltaire ridden by Julie Pascale achieved a strong fourth place at the Belgian Championship for female riders in Langemark.

Foals from all over Belgium and all pedigrees gathered in the sunny town of Evergem.
About 250 foals competed for the final place and the very promising off-springs from 't Is Voltaire again achieved a fourth place.
02-aug-2004 Extie was sold to the Swedish northern neighbours.

Extie du Hardrais, a real legend for results booked by our impressive phenomenon has been sold to Sweden (Gustafsson stables) recently. Therefore the young promising Allaerd competed in the European Championship.. (Click here for Extie's record)

26-jul-2004 European Championship for Ponies.

We wish the entire Belgian team that will participate in the European Championship for Ponies every success.
This year the European Championship will take place in Poland from 29 July until 1 August.

Above the entire pony team with Jean Jacques Matthys as captain.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Terry Vandingenen

Wouter Devos

Hanne Mertens

Pieternel Smeets

Guillaume Ruant

20-jul-2004 Results from Vilamoura.

Julie Pascale Ruant came 17th in the individual list of rankings and 4th with the Belgian team.

17-jul-2004 3 Belgians were selected for the final of the European Championship.

The Belgian team achieved a fourth place at the Nations Cup during the European Championship held in Vilamoura. 3 Belgians have been able to qualify for the final tomorrow: Jan Spaas, Charlotte Theisman and Julie Pascale Ruant.

Julie Pascale Ruant

Charlotte Theisman

Jan Spaas

15-jul-2004 Belgians excel on the first day of the European Championship held in Vilamoura.

All 5 Belgian combinations acquired a clear round on the first day of the European Championship for Juniors. Julie Pascale Ruant on Talent was the first Belgian.
To be continued

04-jul-2004 European Championship for Juniors.

We wish the entire Belgian team that will participate in the European Championship for Juniors every success.
This year the European Championship will take place in Vilamoura (Portugal) 15 July until 18 July.

Julie Pascale Ruant

Charlotte Theisman

Nick Motmans

Yves Awouters

Jan Spaas

04-jul-2004 Picobello's Allaerd wins Grand Prix held in Moorsele.

Picobello's pony, Allaerd, wins the Moorsele Grand Prix only one week away from the Belgian Championship. Allaerd has already proved his capacities, technique and power before with his previous rider Niels Staes, among others he won the Brugge Derby. This experience has no doubt brought on the recent results at an international level. Julie Pascale on Candy Loupe rode a clear round in the Grand Prix and achieved a strong fifth place.

Archive picture (Niels Staes on Allaerd)

Guillaume during the Moorsele Grand Prix

Julie Pascale on Candy Loupe

26-jun-2004 Picobello's Pleasure wins Grand Prix held in Redefin - Germany.

Picobello's Pleasure, now under the name of Meautry's Pleasure won the extremely highly prized Grand Prix held in Redefin. She beat the European champion Christian Ahlmann who came second and Toni Hasmann acheived a third place.

Click here for the results.

15-jun-2004 Picobello's Unforgettable and Vaillant are sold.

Picobello's Unforgettable (Darco x Landgraf I) (see picture), the promising 7 year old, has been sold to the English top class rider W. Funnel. He will use him further in top class sport.
Vaillant has also crossed the Channel to England, having been sold to an international Young Rider
We wish them every success!
(click here for video).


08-jun-2004 Candy Loupe, a new acquisition for Julie Pascale.

Candy Loupe is the new acquistion for Julie Pascale and the combination of Julie Pascale and Candy Loupe hit off immediately during their first performance in Compiegne. They won the opening competition and they achieved a first place in the Mini Grand Prix.


06-jun-2004 Picobello horses in Compiegne.

The Belgian Junior Team achieved a second place in the highly competitive Nations Cup held in Compiegne in France

1ste - Nederland    
2de - België


02-jun-2004 Picobello horses in Reims.

Julie Pascale acheived a strong third place in the Grand Prix held in Reims in France. Julie Pascale on Picobello's Talent convincingly achieved a third place in the Grand Prix at the technically difficult track of the lovely competition in the Parc de Pommery. She was the first Belgian combination.

26-mei-2004 ''t Is Voltaire participates in Le Touquet Nations Cup + video

't Is Voltaire who had been selected for the Nations Cup held in Le Touquet really impressed. The Belgians achieved a strong fourth place. Julie Pascale Ruant on 't Is Voltaire achieved a clear round in the second round. Click here for video..

Guillaume Ruant on Extie won the Mini Grand Prix and came third on Picobello's Allaerd.

30-apr-2004 Guillaume goes on with his triumph
  Guillaume on Otrichta won the Grand Prix at the International Jumping held in Fontainebleau.
28-apr-2004 Julie Pascale's top class horse was sold to England.
  Qui Vive, one of Julie Pascale's top class horses was sold to the English jumping stables of Robert Bevis. The grey, Qui Vive, whose performance was brought up to the highest level in a very short time by Julie Pascale, will be entered by Robert Davis in the 1.50m competition. The first results for Robert Davis are certainly promising.
20-apr-2004 Again a successful weekend for the Picobello stables.

Guillaume on Picobello's Allaerd achieved a second place at the Fontainebleau Derby, the largest European International Derby for pony jumping (2.500 participants on 5 tracks). He came fourth in the Grand Prix and on Extie he again won top class in the Mini Grand Prix. During the same weekend, Julie Pascale on Otrichta won the international competition held in Moorsele and she achieved a fifth place on her new jumper Tropicana.


2de Grote Derby te Fontainbleau

winnaar Kleine Grote Prijs Fontainbleau

1ste kleine Toer Moorsele

5de kleine Toer Moorsele
13-apr-2004 Picobello's Extie is back.

After a long winter break of six months Picobello's Extie is back competing. His start did not go unnoticed. He won the Welkenraedt Grand Prix. Guillaume on Picobello's Skylight achieved a strong second place in the supplementary rankings (see Guillaume's record)


19-mrt-2004 Nieuwe video

Picobello's new video is available. Contact us for a free video at 0475 48 99 99 or click here to watch the video on line (20Mb).

15-mrt-2004 Picobello's start for a new season.

The work carried out after the winter break was awarded last weekend by Guillaume and Julie Pascale achieving a total of 5 places of honour.


Winner of the Grand Tour

Winner of the Mini Tour

Winner of the Nations Cup
3rd Grand Prix for Ponies

winner Mini Grand Prix
Winner of the Grand Prix
11-mrt-2004 Picobello's 't Is Voltaire wins in Wisbecq.

Julie Pascale Ruant on 't Is Voltaire wins the major competition at the International Jumping.


The off-springs from Voltaire make it
  An off-spring from 't Is Voltaire achieved a first place in the free jump during the competition for 2 year olds held inTorhout. It is typical for 't Is Voltaire that he passes on his jump aptitude and jump capacity to his foals.
Up to date.
  All sections on our website are now up to date. Our video clips which you will find on the video pages or on the pages for competition horses are to be recommended.
Picobello goes Aarhus - Denemark

This week end were the Picobello horses participating in Aarchus and obtained very good results. Our stallion 't Is Voltaire was ridden for the first time by Julie-Pascale and they jumped 4 times clear round together. Once again 't Is Voltaire showed us his lovely temperament and enormous scope.

  • Picobello 't Is Voltaire was double clear in the Small Grand Prix and also in the other classes
  • Picobello Skylight and Guillaume won the Small Grand Prix
  • Picobello Allaert and Guillaume finished 3rd in the Grand Prix.

'T is Voltaire

Picobello Pleasure sold

Picobello Pleasur has been sold to the top showjumping stables "Rotchild". Riders Eric Van der Vleuten and Dermott Lennon have brought on this mare to its top level and we are very thankful to them.

Dermott Lennon

Eric Van der Vleuten
CSI Mechelen

Julie-Pascale had some very nice placings at the Mechelen show. She was 6th in a qualifying competition, finished 5th in the Small Grand Prix and would have won the CSIJ Grand Prix if it wasn't for an unlukily refusal in the jump off.

CSIP-A Wierden - Holland

Guillaume wins the fancy dress class with Picobello Allaert together with Bénédicte Schattemand and Layka.

CSIJP-A Hengelo - Holland

At the very nice pony and young riders show in Hengelo, The Picobello youngsters picked up a lot of ribbons.
Picobello Skylight won the Small Grand Prix and finished 6th in the Grand Prix.
Julie-Pascale finished 8th in the Grand Prix with Picobello Qui vive.
Julie-Pascale and Guillaume were also placed in other classes.

Julie Pascale distinguishes herself at the Belgian top.

After her excellent performance at the International Jumping held in Luik, Julie Pascale participated in the first Moorsele Winter Cup with her two horses Picobello's Qui Vive and Picobello's Talent.

Guillaume came first in the Verona Grand Tour.

Guillaume achieved a first place on his fast pony Skylight at the CSIOPA Grand Tour held in Verona. He came second in the Nations Cup and achieved a sixth place in the Grand Prix.

't Is Voltaire gets into action again.

't Is Voltaire gets into action again after a rest. During his first competition he won with a strong clear round.

Julie Pascale great among the greatest.


Julie Pascale on Qui Vive achieved twice a strong seventh place in the 1.35 en 1.40 competition at the International CSIA Jumping Event held in Luik. In the 1.40 competition she was just in front of Nick Skelton and only just behind Eric Navet.

Guillaume and Julie Pascale don't miss their start


Guillaume on Picobello's Skylight won a competition at the Moorsele Indoor International and Julie Pascale won on Picobello's Ostrichta.
Guillaume rode for the first time on his new top class horse Picobello's Allaerd and was successful in the Grand Prix.
Julie Pascale also rode her top class horse Picobello's Qui Vive internationally and with success.

Pleasure particpates in World Cup.

Picobello's Pleasure achieved a strong eighth place at the World Cup held in Athens.
Dermott Lennon, the current Irish World Jumping Champion rode on Pleasure.

Picobello's Aertbreaker has been approved .

Picobello's Aertbreaker, our Heartbreaker, son of a Ramiro mother has been approved at the Stallion certification in Zangersheide.
According to insiders Aertbreaker is an asset for the Belgian stud farms. A modern bred stud horse with an excellent jumping technique and jumping power.
Aertbreaker and 't Is Voltaire will be available at our stud farm for serving.
Soon our website will be updated with a separate section for the stallion Aertbreaker. Meanwhile you can watch the video of the stallion certification in Zangersheide.

Picobello's Fextok who has performed extremely well during the last few months has been sold to Denmark to strengthen their National Team.

Picobello's Fextok who has performed extremely well during the last few months has been sold to Denmark to strengthen their National Team.

14-sep-2002 Picobello ' T is Voltaire goes international

Picobello 'T is Voltaire has successfully made his first international equine appearance. At Amiens (France), as a 6 year old, he scored well in the 1.45 m category technically difficult course.

13-sep-2002 Picobello Pleasure's third victory within a fortnight

Eric Van der Vleuten on Picobello Pleasure won the Small Grand Prix during the International Jumping competition at Pinerlo in Italy. This is the third victory within a fortnight.

3 times the Belgian Anthem.

Today was a real Belgian success at the CSIO P held in Arezzo in Italy.
The Belgian flag was hoisted three times in the luxurious equestrian complex in Arezzo.
- Winner of the Mini Tour: Benedict Schatteman on Laika
- Winner of the Medium Tour: Guillame Ruant on Picobello's Fextok
- Winner of the Grand Tour: Guillame Ruant on Picobello's Fextok

In the Grand Tour Guillaume was a good four seconds faster than one of France's most famous stud horses, Dexter.

Picobello's Pleasure takes place in the final.

Dermott Lennon, the current World Champion, on Picobello's Pleasure achieved a strong seventh place in the final at the Benelux Championship held in The Hague.
Pleasure, the 8 year old, was the youngest participant in the World Championship.

Guillaume is the new 2003 Belgian Champion for Ponies.

Guillaume won the first as well as the second qualification in the Belgian Championship, so he achieved a first and second place in the list of rankings on Saturday evening. Guillaume chose Picobello's Extie to ride the final and he also won the final competition on Sunday.

Voor foto-overzicht BK 2003 klik hier

02-sep-2002 Picobello Pleasure is in good form...

During the CSIO in Rotterdam, Eric Van der Vleuten achieved 2 victories on the 7 year old Picobello Pleasure. In the Grand Final he came third and as a result was voted Best Youngster of the Tournament.

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Picobello Pleasure and Picobello 'T is Voltaire have also been selected for the World Championshop in Zangersheide. It is now the third time in a row that horses from Picobello have been chosen to participate in this prestigious World Championship.

01-sep-2002 Julie-Pascale wins the Belgian Cup

In Diksmuide Julie-Pascale on Elmara was the winner of the Belgian Cup for ponies. During the weekend she achieved a faultless result in the difficult and technically constructed courses. Julie-Pascale on Ballybin also won the Petit Grand Prix. Guillaume on Picobello Skylight came a good third in the 1.15m trial.

Talent, 5 out of 6 classifications.
Julie Pascale on Picobello's Talent achieved 5 classifications out of 6 during the Jumping Event held in Auverre Normandy (France). Julie Pascale on Talent came a strong second in the finishing Gand Prix.

18-aug-2002 Jury for the Picobello Horses Foal Show

During our Foal Show on the 19th October 2002, Herr Mayer (the buyer for Paul Schockemhle's stables) will be a member of the jury, together with Paul Hendrix (Emile's brother) who is a pre-eminent specialist in foals and young horses.

17-aug-2002 An extremely successful Z-festival

The recent Z-festival was extremely successful for the first foal dbut year of 'T is Voltaire. The first foals attracted a great deal of interest when sold to Paul Schockemhle's

15-aug-2002 Double victory in Saintes

At the International Jumping held at Saintes Julie-Pascale achieved 2 victories and Guillaume earned a respectable sixth place in the Petit Grand Prix.

10-aug-2002 Double victory at the Beach Jumping

At the Grand Beach Jumping Competition Guillaume Ruant won the Grand Trial for ponies. Guillaume's sister, Julie-Pascale won the Lady's Cup. The first prize in the Lady's Cup was an exclusive wristwatch to the value of 4,000.

3-aug-2002 Picobello Pleasure

Eric Van der Vleuten came second in the Grand Prix for young horses held at Aarhus in Denmark.

28-jul-2002 "The final day" in Lanaken
  During the last day of the European Championship for ponies in Lanaken, Julie-Pascale came first on Elmara in the Grand Prix of the European Championship. There was a good turn-out of 52 starters in this 1.30m category. During the jump-off Julie-Pascale on Elmara rode a super fast and faultless jump-off with a good 6 second lead over the second place. Click here for results. The Belgian Team came away from the last trial in 7th place. Click here for results. Julie-Pascale was also voted Best Rider of the Tournament.
27-jul-2002 "The show is still going on" in Lanaken

Today Guillaume won the 1.15m trial at the European Championship in Lanaken riding Extie. Guillaume on Extie rode a good 3 seconds faster than the second placed rider. Click here for results.

26-jul-2002 Julie-Pascale has won the entrance trial for the European Championship for ponies

Julie-Pascale won the difficult entrance trial on Friday 26/07 on Elmara. Guillaume came a good eighth on Extie. Click here for results. During the Final Trial for the European Championship, Julie-Pascale achieved a respectable 7th place and was the best Belgian rider. The first round was completed without faults, during the second round in which the height of the jumps was raised to the maximum (1.35m to 1.40m) Ballybin was given 6 faults and finished in 7th place. Click here for complete results.

25-jul-2002 Julie-Pascale has an excellent start in the European Championship for ponies

Julie-Pascale has made a perfect start in the European Championship for ponies in Lanaken and she has earned a place in the final after the 2nd qualification round. This means that Julie-Pascale has for the 4th time in a row earned a place in the final of the European Championship for ponies. In the sub categories Julie-Pascale was twice placed second. This was the last Championship for Julie-Pascale, as next year she will transfer to the Juniors League.

14-jul-2002 Picobello's ponies success continues during the CSIOP in Lummen

Congratulations to Julie-Pascale who won the Grand Prix in Lummen on Elmara. (click here for results) The Belgian Team also won the National Prize; in which Julie-Pascale rode Ballybin. (click here for results) As a result of these 2 international victories, the Picobello Team has good prospects for the European Championship in Lanaken (from 23rd till 28th June).

08-jul-2002 Picobello's ponies scored 5 victories at the Bruges Jumping Competition
  Congratulations to Julie-Pascale and Guillaume Ruant with their 5 victories at the Bruges Jumping Competition. Julie-Pascale came first (Ballybin) and second (Elmara) in the Grand Prix, first in the Grand Tour on Ballybin and first in the Tournament of the Future on Ballybin. Guillaume on Skylight twice came first in the 1.15m category.
03-jul-2002 'T is Voltaire has achieved a double faultless round for the eighth time
  Congratulations to 'T is Voltaire with his eighth double faultless round in the cyclus in Hulsterlo. He achieved the maximum score.
29-jun-2002 'T is Voltaire has achieved a double faultless round for the seventh time
  'T is Voltaire jumped for the seventh time this season a faultless round during the cyclus for 6 year old horses in Libramont. As a result of this he has earned a place amongst the group of 275 top horses.
22-Jun-2002 'T is Voltaire has for the sixth time achieved a double faultless round
  'T is Voltaire jumped for the sixth time this season a faultless round during the cyclus for 6 year old horses in Filot, furthermore, he was the eventual winner of this competition. An excellent result for 'T is Voltaire and for Stefaan Van de Walle, who has retained his form after his operation.
16-Jun-2002 'T is Voltaire has for the fifth time achieved a double faultless round
  'T is Voltaire achieved for the fifth time this season a clear round in the competition held at Ghlin
25-May-2002 'T is Voltaire has for the fourth time achieved a double faultless round
  'T is Voltaire has achieved this extraordinary performance this time ridden by Dominique Hendrix. The regular rider Stefaan Van de Walle is recuperating from a neck operation. We wish him a speedy recovery.
27-Apr-2002 Belgium wins the Nations Cup (ponies)
  Belgium won the Nations Cup for ponies at the International Jumping Competition held in Diest. The Belgian team consisted of the following riders: Pieter Devos, Christelle Heymans, Judy-Ann Melchior and Julie-Pascale Ruant.
21-Apr-2002 Picobello Pleasure
  Audi's Picobello Pleasure, currently ridden by Eric Van de Vleuten for the Picobello Stables, has been nominated "Best Young Jumper" at the International Jumping Competition held in Moorsele. With this accolade it is clear that the horse is ready for the World Championship for 7-8 year old horses in Leipzig
20-Apr-2002 2002 "Golden Whip" Award Ceremony
  On 20th April 2002 the Night of the Horse was held for the sixth time in the Knokke Casino.The following riders were nominated in the jumping category: Jos Lansink, Ludo Philippaerts, Judy-An Melchior and Julie-Pascale Ruant.  The "Golden Whip" Award was presented to Ludo Philippaerts  <Click here for photos
14-Apr-2002 Again a successful start for 'T is Voltaire
  'T is Voltaire has again had a successful start in the Cyclus for 6 year olds. In Chatelet he came an excellent third with two faultless rounds.
01-Apr-2002 New Website for Picobello Horses
  From the 15th May onwards an updated version of the Picobello website will be available on-line. If you have problems in accessing our website, please send a message to galop@galop.be
10-feb-2002 'T is Voltaire has successfully been approved as a 5 year old by the Zangersheide Stud Book
  During the Zangersheide Stallion control, our stallion 'T is Voltaire has successfully been reapproved. For more information click here.